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"Women, men, and children deserve to live lives free from abuse."

The LASERS Domestic Violence 101 curriculum provides students the basics of domestic violence. Learn the definition, the different forms, warning signs, how to protect yourself from digital abuse, an introducion to healthy relationships, and much more. Domestic Violence 101 is designed for women, men, and youth audiences with a nongender biased approach making this course adoptable by any audience desiring to teach domestic violence prevention.

"We spend at least 12 years in school preparing for a career. How much time do we spend preparing for a relationship? Any relationship?"

The Healthy Relationships 101 curriculum will help you develop affective, nonviolent communication in all of your relationships. Learn how to identify a want from a need, what motivates a person's actions and most of all, how to express your feelings in a nonviolent manner. Understand the power, importance, and formula of healthy communication, the foundation for healthy relationships..."because every relationship counts".

"The more officers know about domestic violence, the better equipped they will be to determine who the assailant and victim might be and to make an informed assessment of probable cause."

Domestic Violence and The Law Enforcement Response is a course that serves all law enforcement agencies. Based off evidenced based models, this training will help law enforcement officers make better assessments, strengthen existing policies and procedures, help reduce liability and increase officer safety. Agencies will be equipped to better serve the community with this course designed with a local specific and national scope.

“The Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit is another tool to save lives. It’s practical, inspirational and USEABLE. The insights are precise and pragmatic.”
Hon. Nancy Sidote-Salyers, Former Prosecutor, Retired Circuit Court Judge

Learn how to document domestic abuse with the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit method. Born out of the Stacy Peterson Case, the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit (E.A.A.) was created for victims of domestic violence, to insure that the victim’s words about her/his fears and previous violence will not disappear if she/he does. The ability to prove who likely seriously injured, abducted, or killed someone is as only as good as the evidence. The E.A.A. was developed to assist victims in documenting their experiences in ways that will help the legal system successfully prosecute in the future. Any person who is likely to have contact with victims of domestic violence and the desire to be a point-of-contact for life saving documentation can be trained.

"Stalkers often use technology to assist them in tracking victims of domestic violence."

Learn about digital abuse, also known as cyber stalking, and how you can protect yourself. Learn how to protect your data, laws about digital abuse, and safety planning. Protect yourself, protect your community, and the people you serve. This course is designed for the general public, advocates, law enforcement, and judges.


Our training courses are available to any person, any group, and has been facilitated around the country and internationally:

  • support groups
  • parents
  • academic classes
  • teachers
  • informational sessions
  • mentors
  • workshops
  • facilitators
  • seminars
  • instructors
  • corporations
  • faith leaders
  • schools
  • law enforcement
  • faith organizations
  • judges
  • civic organizations
  • lawyers

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