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Leaving Abuse Supporting Everyone Restoring Survivors

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The LASERS Program

LASERS is a national, progressive organization designed to support all those affected by domestic violence, male and female, and to hold abusers accountable. By utilizing a holistic approach to address all forms of domestic abuse through group meetings, classes, special events, and referrals, LASERS helps educate and empower individuals, families, and communities to live lives free from abuse. No matter if you or someone you know is affected by intimate partner violence or family violence, collectively known as domestic violence throughout this program, LASERS has the information and resources to help.

LASERS works with survivors, communities and organizations to prevent domestic violence and to help them cope with the trauma stemming from relationships with abuse. LASERS also addresses the need for abusers to be held accountable through abuser intervention programs.

Across the country, domestic violence remains to be a social pandemic in affluent society and in Urban communities. It is still seen as a taboo topic, a private matter, however it must be addressed properly and openly and LASERS is committed to making this a public matter.

Support Groups

For those who want to attend a support group, LASERS has support meetings open to victims, survivors, and the general public normally held the first and second Saturday of each month in Baltimore, MD. Please check the Events page for more details.

LASERS training courses are created and tested by experts in the field. Courses are designed for support groups, civic groups, students, advocates, law enforcement, lawyers, and judges. Click on any of the training opportunities for more details.
Specialized Programs

LASERS brings years of experience to the prevention of domestic violence working with organizations, institutions, businesses, and communities delivering domestic violence education and consulting support to perspective populations. Some of our work includes prevention programming for:

  • Women and girls initiatives
  • Faith based communities
  • President Obama's Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative
  • Professional athletics
  • Consumer and crime victim protection
  • Medical
  • Domestic abuse legal documentation
  • Lawmakers/Legislation
  • Law enforcement